WOOF! Dog Walking Application

Thanks for your interest in WOOF! BKLYN.  We care about getting to know your dog, and use the application below to learn more about your dog's background and needs.  After you complete the form, we'll arrange a 30 minute consultation at your home to go over expectations, meet with your dog, and answer additional questions or concerns.  Please answer honestly and to the best of your ability.

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Dog's Birthdate:
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Date of Adoption:
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Most Recent Vet Visit:
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How long and how many walks per day? How are your walks? Good? Bad? How would you describe your dog's pace when walking? Does your dog pull?
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Has your dog ever bitten a human or animal? *
Even snapping and nipping if your dog only left a bruise.
Please include details of all bite incidents including how approximately long ago they were, did the bite break skin? Were there punctures, did it draw blood or need sutures?