WOOF! Dog Walking Application

Thanks for your interest in WOOF! BKLYN.  We care about getting to know your dog and use the application below to learn more about your dog's background and needs. The completed application is required before your initial meet and greet.  Please answer thoughtfully and to the best of your ability.

Name: *
Phone: *
Dog's Sex: *
Dog's Birthdate:
Dog's Birthdate:
Date of Adoption: *
Date of Adoption:
Is your dog spayed or neutered? *
Most Recent Vet Visit: *
Most Recent Vet Visit:
Current on Vaccinations? *
Is your dog potty trained? *
Potty trained means your dog is trained to urinate and defecate outdoors rather than inside the home.
Is your dog crate trained? *
Crate trained means your dog is comfortable alone in the crate for an extended period of time without barking or whining.
What kind of training has your dog had? *
Has your dog ever been walked by another dog walker? *
Ears, mouth, paws, nails, backend, etc.
Which behaviors below does your dog exhibit? *
Has your dog ever bitten a human or animal? *
Even snapping and nipping if your dog only left a bruise.
How long ago?. Did the bite(s) break skin? Were there punctures? Did it draw blood? Did the bite(s) need sutures? What were the circumstances surrounding the incident(s)?
Has your dog ever growled at someone? *
How many dog friends does your dog currently have? *
How often does your dog have a chance to meet new dogs? *
What kinds of dogs does your dog prefer to play with? *
Are there any types of dogs your dog dislikes playing with? *
Cats, birds, squirrels, etc.
How long does it take for your dog to warm up to new people? *