Do you require a weekly Walking minimum?

Yes!  We require 4 walks per week to reserve a spot for your dog.  It allows our dogs to build consistent relationships with their groups without the stress of frequently walking with unfamiliar dogs.  As a small business, the minimum also allows us to offer our clients the most attention and flexibility possible. 


Business hours are 11:00AM-5:00PM Monday through Friday.  We do our best to accommodate requests for walks outside of business hours.

Do You accept same day requests?

Yes, we accept same day requests and do our best to accommodate them.

What is your cancellation policy?

There is no charge for cancellations made before 9:00AM on the day of service.

WhEre Is your Service Area?

We currently service Park Slope and South Slope, Brooklyn.

How will I know that my dog has been walked?

You will receive an email update and/or mobile notification with photos, a potty report, summary of events, and GPS tracking after the walk is complete.

Will My Dog have the same walker every day?

Yes!  In the event that your walker is sick or on vacation, your dog will be matched with a substitute.

WIll my dog be walked at the same time every day?

Your dog will have a reserved two-hour pickup window to maintain consistency.  The window allows us to form groups based on proximity, desired pickup times and personalities.  It also allows flexibility for schedule changes.

How Many DOgs Are In Each Group Walk?

We walk in small groups of 2-4 dogs at a time so that we promote safety, socialization and individual attention.

Do You Offer Solo Walks?

No, at this time we only offer group walks.

How Do I Pay?

We operate on a weekly automatic billing cycle by credit card or electronic bank transfer.

How Many Sets of Keys Do you need?

We require two sets of keys so that we're prepared in the event that a key breaks or we're locked out.  We're happy to lend you the second set if you're ever locked out as well.

How Do I get Started?

Reach out below!  We'll set up a 30 minute meet and greet at your home so that we can answer questions and help determine the best fit for your dog.